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Every soul is a small piece of a greater soul.

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Why are people’s veins being reblogged

The people that post meta’s and turn out to be right are better detectives than Stiles.


abandoned subway shoot 7/17 with flyingawayfromthenest

Season 4

*to the tune of of My Chemical Romance’s Teenagers*

They said aw

The Benefactor scares

the living sh*t out of me!

He could care less

as long as someone will bleed

so sharpen your claws

and strike a werewolf pose

maybe he’ll leave you alone

but not me!


I am officially terrified of season 4 already.

I’m a big fan of Teen Wolf

I’m a big fan of Teen Wolf don’t get me wrong but dang… I was lookin’ through old theories before The Divine Move and I must say, some people of this fandom are freaking psychic like I ain’t even kiddin’.

to the JROTC know it alls that actually don’t know anything


When your ribbon rack is finally big enough to where you have to start stacking


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